What People Are Saying About Joe...

"Joe Gilman is certainly one of the greatest pianists I've ever heard. I am truly amazed with the trio's imaginative interpretations of my music. I laughed and hollered out loud at every track, hearing their rhythmic, harmonic, and swinging versions of my tunes."

~Dave Brubeck

"He's unbelievably talented! As soon as I write something down, he completely understands. He understands the chords that are contained within the scale … of the possibilities depending on the way the melody is. On how to approach it and at the same time give me space. And how to drop a color out there and fill it in the canvas and let it drip down the canvas and then say you want to play some."

~Bobby Hutcherson

"I've been listening to the AMERICANVAS cd with the Brubeck gang. What a great collection of music and playing. I love the whole premise of Joe's compositions. They are so cleverly constructed in parallel to the paintings he chose. Bravo!

"Joe is a great musician. I'm happy to have crossed paths with him over the years. It is always an inspiring endeavor."

~Bob Mintzer

"Joe is a superb pianist, a musician with deep roots and encyclopedic knowledge of jazz. He pushes the piano to its limits while swinging you into good health!"

~ Geoffrey Keezer

"Joe Gilman is the man! Playing with Joe and watching him work over the past ten years (plus) has been a consistent joy. He brings both a focused sense of passion and a playful spirit to both the music and his words of direction that he carefully places before the students fortunate enough to study with him."

~ Ingrid Jensen

"Joe Gilman is a great jazz pianist, and one of the best teachers I have ever encountered."

~ Mark Levine, author of "The Jazz Piano Book" and "The Jazz Theory Book"

"Joe Gilman is the consummate musician - an excellent soloist and fine accompanist. He always swings but is consistently sensitive to the music and musicians with whom he is playing."

~ Marvin Stamm

"Joe Gilman has done more to place Sacramento on the map than any contemporary artist. His awareness of tradition and hip, forward-looking composing distinguish him as an original voice. Joe's reworking of classic Dave Brubeck and Stevie Wonder compositions reveal new nuances and surprises with each new listening.

"Gilman's thematic concepts of programming with the Capital Jazz Project have helped define the cultural landscape of our community and his many recordings serve notice that he's a world class pianist."

~ Gary Vercelli, Jazz Music Director
Capital Public Radio, Sacramento

"Joe Gilman is a young and experienced jazz pianist whose brilliance is unquestioned, and whose taste level is refined within the modern mainstream progressive aesthetic."

~ Michael G. Nastos, ALLMUSIC.COM

"Gilman demonstrates that open-hearted jazz is not a lost art form among younger jazz players."


"Assessing as an unforgettable colourist, Joe Gilman's calculated fingerings are faultless, evolving in an opulence of sounds fully expressed in every inch of his creation."

~ Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez, JAZZREVIEW.COM

"Joe Gilman is one of those many jazz artists deserving of wider recognition - a really swinging, creative pianist."


"Joe Gilman has great technique, soul, and sensitivity."

~ Dr. Judith Schlesinger, ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM