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The videos will load most quickly on DSL, wireless, or a cable modem. If you have dial-up, you may get frustrated waiting for them to load. In some situations (DSL, wireless, cable) you may need to wait for the entire movie to load before it plays. Just be patient.

Also, the videos work best in FIREFOX and SAFARI. INTERNET EXPLORER seems to present problems periodlically. All of these videos are Quicktime movies.

System requirements:

OS 10.3.9 or later
Apple Quicktime 7.1.5 or later. Download
The iMac G3 has been reported to show the video as a series of quick still photos.

Preferably Windows XP or later
Apple Quicktime 7.1.5 or later. Download


Andrew's 3rd Grade Planet Play
Andrew's First Basketball Game
Discussion with Laila in the Bath
Laila's Exotic Dance
Andrew's Blue Belt Ceremony
Laila's First Gymnastics Recital
Andrew's Fourth Piano Recital (Spinning)
Laila's 4th birthday


Andrew's Spring Play (He's an Adjective)
Laila Dances to Andrew's Alloutte
Andrew's Orange Belt Ceremony
Easter 2009
Laila's First Day at Preschool
Andrew's Green Belt Ceremony
Laila's Third Birthday - 1
Laila's Third Birthday - 2
Laila's Third Birthday - 3
Andrew's 3rd piano recital
Gilman Christmas 2009
Disneyland - 12/28/2009
Disneyland - 12/29/2009


New York City
Laila on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Trampoline
Laila....or Lemming?
Andrew in the Monterey Bay
Mom and Kids Hit a Wave at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Andrew's Second Piano Recital
Laila's Early Attempts at Using a Fork
Andrew Takes a Ride Around Central Park

July 2008:
Taking a TUKTUK Ride in Nontunburi
Taking a Riverboat in Nontunburi
Feeding the Fish in Nontunburi
Swimming at the Oakwood Hotel in Bangkok
Taking a TUKTUK Ride in Phuket
Andrew Becomes a Monk

Laila's 2nd Birthday
Laila Talks About Her New Costume
Kai and Andrew on the Bumper Cars at the State Fair
Andrew's Thanksgiving Play
Andrew on the Spiderjump at the State Fair
Laila the Cat
Andrew's 8th Birthday and SkyZone
Andrew's 8th Birthday
Laila vs. Box
Laila Did Better with Santa in 2008
Who Need's Rachael Ray?


Laila - Early Steps
Laila - One Month Later
Laila the Warrior Princess vs. the Kitchen Stool
Laila Creates a Modern Piano Masterpiece
Andrew's First Piano Recital
We Got Elfed!
Andrew's 7th birthday
Laila's First Visit with Santa
Laila Takes a Bath and Gives Commentary
Andrew and Laila First Christmas, 2007